Our Story: Pacific Origins

We love kava — simple as that.

We love talking about it, growing it, preparing it, and most of all — we love drinking it.

Our collective goal is to inspire and empower you to make a better cup of kava from the comfort of your own home. We aim to achieve this by giving you access to our extensive database on kava facts, tips, and guidance so you can become an expert yourself.

For us (and likely you as well), kava is more than a relaxing drink — it’s a culture, a ritual, and a way of life. This age-old practice has been used for everything from supporting sleep and easing anxiety to promoting good conversation and social bonding.

We provide free, comprehensive reviews of kava brands tested by experienced kava drinkers — as well as other tips and insights on all kava-related topics to help you understand how kava works, why it’s such a useful herb, and how you can start using it yourself at home.

Our in-house medical herbalist, Natia Koale, provides detailed insights into the health benefits of the herb. She’s spent countless hours sifting through research on kava and its active ingredients to summarize and simplify the information for your benefit.

Our team consists of passionate kava drinkers, growers, and kava baristas. We’re constantly testing new kava cultivars, exploring different methods of preparation, and analyzing the scientific data on the health benefits of kava.

All articles are based on real-life experiences, expert opinions, and scientific evidence.


Who We Are

Amiri Tasi


  • Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Anthropology — York University
  • Experienced Kava Drinker and Kava Bar-Owner


Amiri was born in Samoa but spent most of his life in Canada. When he was just seven years old his parents packed up and moved from their family home in Upolu to Toronto, Canada.

Kava has had a strong presence in Amiri’s life since he was a small child. The traditional Polynesian root was popular among members of his family. As he got older he too started to participate in the kava ceremonies with friends and family members as well.

Not long after Amiri finished high-school he moved back to Samoa to live with his aunt and uncle. It wasn’t until about three years later when he moved back to Toronto to attend university that he realized how useful this Polynesian herb could be for people living outside Polynesia.

With so much stress and anxiety involved with daily life in the big city, Amiri decided he needed to bring the practice of kava-drinking to the rest of the world. He eventually set up a small kava bar in downtown Toronto where he could prepare the herb for his community decorated with an authentic Samoan style.

Unfortunately, the Canadian government began imposing tight restrictions on kava bars in 2016, forcing Amiri to close his shop.

Amiri decided to move the community online and got to work building this extensive online resource to reach an even broader community of passionate kava drinkers around the world. This is what eventually lead to the creation of KavaGuides.com.


Natia Koale


  • Bachelor of Health Science — University of Florida


Natia is a researcher at PhytoPharma in California and an avid kava drinker.

She spent four years studying a bachelor of health sciences at the University of Florida before spending time living with some of her extended family living in Suva, Fiji. Here, she spent a great deal of time drinking and studying kava along with various other Fijian herbal medicines.

After moving back to the United States, Natia began frequenting a local Kava bar near her home with friends and family and has taken dozens of continuing education courses to satisfy her curiosity about plant-based medicines.

Natia first met Amiri while she was visiting his (now closed) kava bar while on a trip to Toronto, Canada. The two immediately became friends after having an in-depth discussion about their love for the herb. When Amiri’s bar closed down, he reached out to Natia to see if she was interested in publishing some of her knowledge on his new project — KavaGuides.com.

She jumped at the idea and has since contributed a substantial amount of her expertise on the topic to the website. Natia writes our medical review articles and serves as our chief fact-checker for the health-related information provided on our website.

Natia offers unique insights on the medical applications of kava — pulling from her strong understanding of plant-based medicine and experience living and drinking kava in Fiji — a region where kava drinking is a normal part of daily life and has more than 3000 years of kava-drinking tradition.

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